Month: February 2014

Many of you would likely not know of the sport of Competitive Napping. In all truthfulness, the sport is a very new one with the first documented occurrence of the sport being the 2010 Siesta Competition. This competition was more focused on the Spanish tradition of the Siesta, but nevertheless it provided a standard for the ways competitions operate and function. Since then, Competitive Napping has been in a lull, with competitions (if held) being undocumented. There have been rumors of competitions in New York and Japan, but the references are weak and there is no verification.

Photocredit: David Gura of The Two-Way, NPR

As it stands, Competitive Napping is a sport with vaguely defined standards. These are the most professional aspects that define it:

  1. Competitions are divided into several heats, where each athlete sleeps by themselves for 20 minutes.
  2. The primary ratings for competition are the speed of falling asleep combined by the depth of the sleep.
  3. The athletes are rated and refereed by someone with a medical background who is capable of rating sleep, or technological equivalents.
  4. Deductions may be leveed upon cramps and frequent or intense (shock) body movement.
  5. Athletes must sleep on similar resting objects (same couch/bed/pillow/etc.), but are allowed personal choice in pajamas.

Other ratings which are more varied or more subjective include loudness of snoring, posture, pajamas, and of course Japan’s “cuteness of nap”.

It is my goal to raise awareness of this odd and fun sport, and to develop this blog along with the sport!